Swiss Grade Omega 300 Spectre Watch Replica with 8400 Movement

# omega 16113001
Swiss Grade Omega 300 Spectre Watch Replica with 8400 Movement


1:1 Replica OMEGA Seamaster James Bond Movie Mens Watch

Swiss Quality

Stainless Steel Black face / Brown Leather strap Spectre Watch Replica

Swiss Grade 8400 Automatic Movement - 25 Jewel

Sapphire Crystal

Detailed logo,serial/model number engraved on the watch.

Pure 316L steel - precision steel case, steel manufacturing, will never rust.

All appropriate markings,wordings and engravings.

Weights/feels and looks exactly same as original.

Case Diameter: 40mm Omega Spectre Replica watch

Very Nice Model. You will receive the same Omega Seamaster Spectre watch replica as shown in picture.

Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1s90% accurate
By Alex
Beautiful watch. Went into the omega store near my work and compared photos of my replica with photos I took for the real thing. They are indistinguishable except that the crown is brushed on the fake and polished on the real. The leather is even the same quality. Also if you get really pedantic you can see minor details that are incorrect through the case back. The negatives are that it rattles even when moved gently and the rattle is noisy and cheap sounding. The real thing makes no sound at all even when I shook it vigorously. If you are going to wear this in a quiet meeting or someone wants to inspect your watch then I you'll be found out - otherwise it is a thing of beauty and is well worth the money. Finall comment is that the movement is sweeping and almost as smooth as the real (even the real doesn't sweep like a Rolex).

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